Future of Technology: Technologies Coming Out In 2025


Future of Technology
A new scientific revolution is in the offing. 

Top Technologies of the Future

Everything has revolutionized in this day and age. Whatever it may be, clothes, architects, makeup, industries, or technology, etc. But, when this (coronavirus) pandemic was started, it almost stopped every sector for a while; most minor, the technology did not. 

As time passes, we will see some marvelous inventions of technology in the upcoming years. Many technology inventions that you hear now will emerge in the next few years, like robot cars, 5g, digitized print dresses, robot workers, and many more, will be here in just the blink of an eye. 

This article will provide you with not all but the know-how of some new technologies that are coming out in 2025. Here are some points that you should keep in mind before entering 2025.

  • As technology is also working a lot in the medical field, they are making a robot pharmacist for people. So that people don't have to go outside for having simple pains in any part of the body.

  • Digitalized clothes will be a part of us. People can change the design of their clothes. And also, they can design their new clothes on their laptops, and it will change the print of their old clothes to the new ones. I know! It sounds unbelievable, but you will be surprised to see this new technology.

  • Cars will be made based on the person's choice of a design or any print on it. The design will be made by a person's intention by using technology.

  • Although you have heard about the electronic census, nothing has been placed in the market, but in 2022 census will be electronic for sure, and people will cast votes using their mobile phones or laptop.

  • MOOCs is an educational program. They will give you paid and unpaid courses of higher education. Also, a degree will be given to the students who are taking these courses.

  • Aerial robotic drones

  • Aerial robotics will be very widely used. Through this, people can see the places where they cannot go. But through a simple machine, they will be able to see various things inside the ground.

  • Although we are currently using artificial intelligence in our homes, we will wake up with a nice cup of coffee made by our robot within the next few years. Moreover, many more things will be there in your smart home.

  • I have mentioned only a few points here, but all the material is present below about the new technology for more detail.

Clothes to Make You Superhuman

In 2022, after the digital printing of clothes. You will get a new technology that will come in the form of clothes and will give you strength that no one will have. This clothing is like an exoskeleton suit that you will have to put up on your body to weight lift anything easily (even a 70-year-old man can use this technology). 

A superb ability of this superhuman clothing is that it will help physically disabled people to walk very quickly. This cloth is already approved by the climatic lab that is creating this technology.

This is a fantastic technology that is made to ease transportation for people. People will travel in this closed type vacuum to reach their destination in a mere time. It is not used globally up till now, but in the future, they will make this transportation project work globally with other countries.

Artificial Intelligence

We can see that artificial intelligence is in almost every home, and we are used to off-seen these old machines. But now, artificial intelligence has been making some changes in its whole world, and it is said that it will take out something new in a few years. 

The technology of artificial intelligence is taking out is of emotions. Yes, they will set a specific algorithm in robots so that they can tell what you are feeling just by looking at us. In addition, they will see and react to each and every emotion a person gives to them. 

Every facial expression, every gesture will say to them what they are feeling, and by seeing this, they will try to boost your mood up in different ways.  


Of course, you will have heard about 5G, but up till now, it is not introduced for all networks. In 2022, it is said that all networks will work on 5G to give the user a high amount of quick and reliable data. It will also convert aerial robotics to mobile phones.

IS Engineering

Although cancer-like diseases have no cure other than chemotherapy (in which many people die during the therapy), some companies are doing some genetic editing and immunotherapy experiments so that diseases like cancer could be easily cured without people having much pain. These genetically engineered immune cells are designed to finish these cancer cells.

GLOV Light

As of now, face masks are used all over the world. Most people habit of putting their face masks in any pocket, bag, or zipper. When then makes these masks dirtier and more harmful. These GLOV lights will keep your show safe. Also, a UV light is present in it, which will remove all the germs and bacteria from your cover in minutes.

Automated or Self-driven Cars

There are high chances that technologies of self-driven cars will show up in the market in a few years. To eliminate different accidents, make of new traffic rule. As petrol prices are also raiding very high, these automated cars will run on electricity or hydrogen or any other option but not on fuel.

Bottom Line

It is for sure that technology will rise instantaneously in just a few years. But it is not sure which technology will be liked most in the market because the companies are doing a lot of amendments to them. Although we have seen how technology has made its role in everyone's life and business, it is proved that growth in these sectors will not stop. And everyone will see many extraordinary inventions in the upcoming years.


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