Best Tablets for Students

best tablets for students
Some of the best tablets you need to know about.

Best Tablets for Students 

In today's world, everything has revolutionized so have the necessities that occur during the studies. A decade ago, laptops, tablets, PCs were not so important, but now they play a crucial role in schools, colleges, and universities. It is recommended that you change your laptop or tablet after every 3-5 years, and primarily, smart tablets can run this long. 

There are many pros of smart tablets for students that may include storing pdfs, word files, documents, studying apps (Zoom, Google meet, slides, Google Classroom, WPS office, etc.) so that students face no worries of storing or misplacing their data anywhere and at any time. 

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Here is the list of the best tablets for students of all ages. 

IPad Pro 12.9

It is the best tablet of the Apple company not only in features but also in price. It is pretty expensive, but you wouldn't regret it after buying this tablet because of its outstanding features. It can be used as a laptop if attached with a stylus and high resolution with a cute small screen of about 12.9 inches. This device can carry heavy files and apps because it has 128GB to 2TB storage space, so now you can focus on work and side-by-side play with this iPad Pro. Screen size is perfect for students' use and is lightweight. It has a 5G connection with face ID detection. The only con of this iPad Pro 12.9 is that it is highly expensive, but if you want cheaper laptops, you can see the details of other tablets below. 

Amazon Fire HD 8

You can get this tablet at very cheap rates along with average features. This laptop's storage space is 64 GB, not perfect for storing heavy games, and is suitable for only work use. Also, Amazon Fire HD has a good camera, and the weight is also not so heavy at about 355g. The screen size is 8-inches from its predecessor. You can use this laptop just for one purpose, either for studying or playing; you can not do both as it is a very low-budgeted tablet. RAM storage is a bit low at 2 GB, and in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy A8, it is much better. 

IPad Mini (6th GEN) 

It is the latest version of Apple's tablet; it has a bit larger screen than the last one Apple's tablet. Also, it consists of a pencil to draw or to write anything in it. So if you are arts and crafts or a business or any other field student, then there is no worry because iPad Mini 6th GEN can handle all of your tasks. It covers all the money spent by giving high-quality features. It has a great battery life and is compatible with Apple's Pencil 2 also contains perfect cameras to capture moments every day with a vast storage space of 256 GB. This tablet also has 5G connectivity with a Touch ID sensor placed on the power button. 

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6 Lite 

This tab is best not only on the pocket but also on features. With a decent-looking style, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6 lite has an S pen stylus to doodle images quickly and to do other tasks. The screen size is 10 inches, and the refresh rate is just fine in an affordable range. It will give you storage of 128 GB and 7040 mAh battery life. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The looks of this tablet are the same as that of the laptop, but it is a bit slimmer. The cost of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a bit pricey than all other tablets in this article, and it consists of Wi-Fi 6 support. The screen size is 12.3 inches, and battery life is quite good, along with ample storage of 128 GB to 1 TB. It has a keyboard attached to it, so if the touch screen stops working, the keyboard will be with you and give you 16 GB of RAM. 

Huawei MatePad Pro 

It is also a 2 in 1 tablet, which will give you side-by-side looks at the laptop. After launching the best mobile phones, Huawei has started to launch tabs also. Huawei MatePad Pro has a sizeable battery-saving capability with 10.8 inches screen. However, it is a bit expensive but has lots of features like having a stylus. Also, students can save lots and lots of documents, files, apps ( specifically not from Google apps or play store), games (as it has storage space of about 128 GB- 512GB. The only problem that the people will have to face is that there is no headphone jack (so you have to connect it with the Bluetooth speakers) and trouble when downloading apps, but Huawei has its downloading apps to download any from its default app. 

Microsoft Surface Go 2 

This tablet will work on Windows 10 and will give you full support for every app. Like a simple play store, it cannot download every app. Using this windows ten table, and you will have complete control of every app and its features, i.e., Adobe photoshop. Furthermore, it is not so costly and comes at an average price that every student can easily afford. The screen size is almost 10.5 inches and the space is 128 GB which may be a little low for students, and there is no stylus added with this device. 

Final Thoughts

The tablets, as mentioned above, are best for school and college-going students. Giving you long-lasting battery life and are lightweight so that you can carry them around the school. 

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